Friday, July 16, 2010

posting again todae (:

hihi. yesterday jus post but decided to post too todae (: hehex... l0lx. mmm... lets see, todae first period is lifelit drama... fun... we had to find phrases or words from any page of merchant of vernice , write on a piece of paper thn give cher. we thn play sth like taboo , but eu can show actions instead and there is no word restricted... (: first is play within our own groups , thn is groups again groups. l0lx. damn fun... (: hahax. mmm.... lets see... thn we had D&T ... l0lx. the most ridiculous thing happened... cher ask us saw our finger joint properli , and he describle two work pieces as a male and female. if eu saw them properli , the finger joints would stick together as a perfect match which also means the 2 person are meant to be together... but if they dun thn the 2 person arent meant to be together? l0lx. veri ridiculous l0lx. but i knoe cher jus joking. so i didnt take it much to heart (: thn recess , after tat we had c.e nth much also cas time like passes extreme fast? l0lx. hahax. mmm... nth much realli l0l.

wat am i to you? a ball... sometime i realli wonder wats up tat brain of urs? wat eu thinkin? why be so mysterious? why do eu tend to change ur mind so easily? are eu try to fool miie?? or am i jus so foolish for eu to fool? i realli have enough of it... i dun want to... i realli dun want to ... i want to knoe wat eu thinkin. i dun want to get hope from eu and eu jus suddenli take them backk. if tats goin to th case , i rather we nt be frens. i rather eu nt care bout hw i feel and jus ignore miie like eu , eu used to. but still i realli hope we can be jus frens. And if eu want to knoe hw nt to lose a friend. tats the behaviour eu shld NVR do to a fren. Treating them as ball tat can be pushed around easily..
tis is realli coming up at a bad time? why are my parents like tis? tis isnt the right moment for tis. at least nt to miie. its still nt the time yet. why cant eu guys w8 for miie to clear my qns(s) b4 all tis? or maybe a new environment is a better start for miie? would tis realli help miie start afresh. l0lx. haixx... i dun want to think tis much , but i jus cant stop myself from all tis...
Kann ich wirklich eine Heilung für meine Krankheit zu finden?



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