Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I hate p.e

hihi. todae wednesdae , late sch day =] hehex... yeahh, can slp in (: mmm... first period p.e ... hate p.e , meet pam at canteen , had breakfast together as usual (: thn... we need science workbook. nt realli we , onli mie (: [ csa , if eu think i copying hwk thn eu wrong lehh , its extra(s) dun even need do... is i too bored , so do l0l. (: ] thn we had temperature taking. at p.e , we did shuttle run. i got 11min 1 sec. , pam is 12++ min... (: i same as sherlyn. baolian got 10min 9 secs [ i think so... ] zz... beat miie =.=" ohh ya , also got height and weight. i 53kg.. so heavy =.=" zzz.... but 160 cm!!! yeahh!!! got my wish lehh (: mmm... thn i played badminton with pam and sheryl. run one round around the parade square with athena... cas she hyper , want to run... thn keep pestering miie to run with her=.=" but consider gd lehh... cas suppose 2 rounds? l0lx. hahax. (: thn... science. do notes on cells. nth muchh realli. jus tat nithin keep grumbling about ms chua , robin keep asking miie take nithin pencil box =.=" zzz... irritating miie.... l0lx. thn ... D&T ... ohh... got tis cher. lionel lim. talk to us bout his rules and punishment , serious and non serious. as usual izac and davin would play a fool and ask him " define serious & non serious " thn he realli go waste time defining =.=" wahh.. his non serious punishment , first time - verbal warning. 2nd time - call parents!!!! [ waa... so fast?!?!?! ] 3rd time- ask parents bring the thing tat eu did bring for eu =.=" [ indirectli , see parents =.=" ] l0lx? like dat call non serious? i dun believe... thn chi. chi.cher nvr come 2 days lehh?? l0lx. didnt do much , slack , write science summary. pam read merchant of vernice , athena take a nap [ as usual =.=" ] l0lx. haix... nth realli much todae. todae like pretti borin? hope tmr more fun bahh (: kk , i go do th science hwk lehh.. first 3 pages of wb. kk , tats all for todae. byebye ... see ya tmr ~ (:

P.S CSA , sheryl deleted her blog lehh, so cant go in l0l (: and tmr i got cca, pam too. from todae on , every tuesdae and thursdae , both miie and pam will stay backk till 5.30++ , jus to inform , eu kkk?? (:




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