Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I am doin Debate script now... damn hard...

heyhey , jus came home from sch. :) nth much , as usual , l0lx. :) but todae , quite high again? hahax. mmm... todae chinese cher nvr come though? is this counted as sth special? l0lx. he got to go invigilate the 'o' lvl CL oral? hahax. thn suppose to have cher come to relief him and give us compo test , but dunno why , no cher came leh? thn i did my maths hwk in class l0l? and finished it :) yeahh!!! thn after sch as usual go BBT , thn playground. :) i am tryin to do my debate script nw.. but both miie , athena and preethika , suppose nithin take over C.S-A thn preethika take over miie in case i cant , thn the nithin got some stupidd counsellor thing? [ dunno hw spell , but i knoe hw spell prefect :) ] ya , so i help preethika do... but as usual , i need help athena do too , in case she nvr do... which has a veri high chance possibility... mmm... damn hard tis time one... its against 2E4 AGAIN!!!! arhh!!! i have NO confidence AT ALL!!! last year , we got into finals too.... but ended up losin to 1E4!!! [ which is tis year 2E4 ] arhh... zzz... some one our topic damn hard? SCHOOL UNIFORM SHOULD NOT BE ABOLISHED. arhh...to miie , if the topic is school uniform should be abolished , at least there is a higher chance of winning , afterall , its much easily? and i have tons of pts on it... but ours is NOT!!! arhh... zzz... i am seriousli desperate... i need help , peeps? can helpp?? debate is on TIS thursdae... i am realli realli desperate... haix... maybe its fate for 2e2 to always lost to 2e4? arhh... dunnno lah... if got pts jus help by taqqin in my taqbox or msn miie , leave a off9 msg (: kk? i will go see :) thnx... :) kk , nth else , ya ... so byebye! see ya~




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