Thursday, July 22, 2010

I would NVR be able to let go , even if i could , i would NVR want to.

hihi. todae is thursdae , first period assembly ... ohh quite fun and borin too. hahax. l0lx. nth much , had some things to talk on racial harmony [ which we are celebrating todae? ] l0lx our class onli 3 ppl wear ethnics costume , Sushi , Arjun and JieLong , our class is realli united ON NOT wearing ethnic costume... hahax. l0lx. thn , geog was SUPER borin. maths was quite ok lah? i didnt do tat well for maths class test? aiya , hack care lah. thn... recess , thn much , thn science. missed one period of lesson , ms chua realli mad about it... thn lifelit talk about debate against 2e4? l0lx. finals , tis determine whether we win or not. thn we vote for who to replace CSA. thn we got nithin... thn replace miie is Preethika. cas i got sth on at home , i cant leave my sis alone at home... i onli got 2 choices , go home look after her or find her a trustworthy babysister... l0lx. mmm... i ask MinHui leh , but tat their anniversary , they goin out.. so cant , SiYi got figure skating lessons cannot , Amelia can but dunno if Jordan agrees. if Jordan agrees , naturalli ... him will tag along... l0lx. nvr mind. i think i will jus ask preethika help miie take over for the debate. wish athena luck. hahax. :) thn... nth much , after sch , help out at the sales , quite gd , better thn yesterdae , $170++ ?? l0lx. so the slcaker group didnt live up to their name.... :) [ ohh , btw $ 170++ was b4 i left which is around 3.30pm?? after tat i dunno lehh... ] kk , nth else , so ya , byebye! see ya ~ i go do CE project. (:


she didnt study... she did not , so wat she did wasnt fair... definiteli nt fair , if eu doubt it and thinks its fair , go ask pam thn. his nt as great as eu think... eu cant judge someone when eu have nt known them well enough yet... there's many bad things about him tat eu dunno but athena might know... many things tat no one know but miie. but i gave him my word tat i will keep it a secret 4ever and i dun intend to break it for eu , even though many time , he didnt keep up to his promises... eu think he realli is upset cas of seeing his frens hardwork gone down the drain , ur so WRONG. if there is hardwork , she nvr had to gone to tat step , does she? his nt furious bout her hardwork gone , his furious about the misconception he got , by thinkin i did all tis jus to do well myself. its all wrong , everything is wrong , i will NVR let go ... i will NVR BE ABLE to let go , even if i want to. its jus all too hard for miie to take it. i didnt hate him cas of tat. i hate him cas of some other stuff tat no one in tis world knoes , besides miie , him and god knoes... sth no one would ever believe actualli happen... sth i dun want to recall.
eu say i am the socialable kind? wat makes eu think so? i dun even have a friend in bowen besides crystal durin the first day of sch , and practicalli having crystal in same class as miie is equal to nt having any fren at all... she thinks i am not " cool " and " popular " enough to be her fren? Yvonne... i didnt make frens with Yvonne , she CAME to miie? cas she got no one else to. Athena , I knoe her though Yvonne? Pamela , Through Yvonne? Timo and YH , cas they were right in front of miie? eu think i have no problem making frens. eu dun even knoe wats up my brain , hw do eu knoe i have no prob making frens? all my frens are known through some incidents etc. THE ONLI FREN I KNOE TAT I MAKE BY TALKIN TO HER FIRST was onli amelia , someone eu dun even knoe? eu say eu might nt forget us? ya , i knoe eu wouldnt. BUT in tis CASE , my forget is nt those forget wat happen 3 years old kind of forget , it is TOO BUSI TO rmb FOR TIS MOMENT ONLI! i thought eu knoe miie well , enough... but it seems like i am the one tat is wrong here..

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