Friday, July 23, 2010

C.A.P.S. a.k.a S.P.C.A. Does it still exist? Or have it broken up?

hihi. todae fridae :) ohh btw , i got my CT timetable lehh... haix , so fast? so fast goin a yr pass leh , thn miie , athena and pam and many more bffs goin to separate, l0lx. if athena dun migrate , there's a high chance , we goin to same class? l0lx. nvm. todae , first period is drama , o.0 , ms toh nvr come? hahax. thn mrs wong put as in a group , thn suppose is miie , athena and pam , ryan and joshua ... [ we get to choose tis yr. YUPPI! ] thn not enough girls... so cher got to break miie , athena and pam, one girl MUST go to KH's group... suppose is.. miie , cas pam dun want go .. thn athena also dun want go... she also dun want miie to go =.=" so i go l0l? thn later jolene join in? thn pam say she want switch with miie. thnx pam :) sorri btw ... thn we did a summary on the WHOLE BOOK. thn nth much realli , cas we spent a lot of time on choosing the groups , hahax. thn... D&T , did sawing and filing.. nt easy... thn recess , thn CE , todae time passes real fast? hahax. CE did presentation on Racial Harmony group project , our group nvr do the presentation cas nt enough time... :) thn go home... had lunch , watch tv till now postin... :) hahahax. todae was realli borin :) kk ,nth much , i still need find a babysitter. btw daddie and godma coming back from 13-16 aug , 11-13 aug got CT :) come back jus after exam! hoorayy!!! can have fun when they around :)kk , see ya~ BYEBYE!~


i dun realli knoe wats goin on nw? i still rmb , pam and sheryl used to say I AM the one who used to pick a fight on eu? ya , its quite true... but nw ... its seems like eu are the one picking the fight instead? Maybe pamela is jus right about eu? eu are jus TOO sensitive and think too much about the words meaning... i used to think i am the one who uses the wrong word to express myself , but nw its obvious eu are the one who thinks too much? i dunno wat's goin on in ur mind nw... but i DEFINITELI knoe wats goin on in my mind. and tat is , i realli realli regret many things in my life ... i always wanted to build a time machine when i was small , to restart my WHOLE LIFE! i made many choices... many many choices... so many tat its uncountable ? but i nvr forget wat i told pamela and athena when i told them i regret many stuff. and tat is to go for recess with eu , pam and sheryl. pamela was like " ya... if we haven't got to recess tgt we wouldnt have th S.P.C.A " no one blame eu for anything? no one said eu said too much ... i dun have the time to care of hw eu think right nw... i dun mind it anymore , one advice from miie [ which eu can choose nt to listen to ] and tat is : " Do and say wat eu think is right about urself and wrong about urself , but dun regret it when eu realises in the later part of ur live , tat EU are the ONE who spoilt everything tat eu have b4 eu left. "
[ didnt eu realise eu are startin to turn to become like them? jumping to conclusion b4 eu even find out wat happen? ]



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