Sunday, July 25, 2010

JellyGoo still exist and it will always exit in MY dictionary...

hihi. mmm... yesterdae , did use com to post nor plurk... arhh , jus cas of tat , karma drop... damn it.. l0lx. anyway , maybe i am nt goin to for debate on thursdae , nt jus cas i cant , but i dun want to. btw , i think i broke my record? cas , i can actualli survive for a week WITHOUT anime nor tv? i dunno wats wrong with miie , either? but lateli mani things is happenin in my famili? i dun even get wat is actualli happening? but one thing , i knoe for sure , is tat my parents are hiding sth from miie and my sis. and i am sure tis time , my dad is comin back must be a REASON... and the reason is DEFINITELI nt a gd one... somehw my sis is rather depress nwadays? she keep locking herself in the room , at first i used to think tat she might be upset cas of her fren's sudden death... but somethings proved miie wrong... i dunno even know hw to manage nw... my mum is driving miie crazy , my granpas are driving miie nuts! my world is in a mess. and eu knoe wats the best part? tis is the moment , i am tryin to control my temper and nt get mad so easily , hwever tis is the VERI moment for miie to be mad at MANY things... [ chill... ] well , tats my life. i obviousli have a horrible life , dun i? hahax. but i am still glad i have great frens. :) kk , tats all , dun feel like postin anymore , or i am sure the rest tat i am goin to post is all my ANGER and FRUSTRATION [ pam helped miie with the spelling of " frustration " thnx :) ] kk , so ... see ya~ byebye!~


many things happen and they proves to miie tat we are better off as enemies~
[ To: JG ]

maybe to eu , onli joey exist , but to miie , Jellygoo still exist and its will ALWAYS exist and i am nt goin to be affected by ur words ever again... cas its jus nt worth it...
btw , when i said jumpin to conclusion , i meant the words , i said and wat i am tryin to refer to. and eu did say " to my pt of view " but tats onli bout ur frens in SG , its nt about JG... its is in a VERI different paragraph , is it? one more thing and the last one i MIGHT ever say , eu DEFINITELi have a REASON to hate him... a reason tat eu dunno ...
[To: S.A.P??]



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