Tuesday, June 29, 2010

i will be postin more from todae onwards for the benefits of CSA (:

hihi. mmm.... todae is 2nd day of sch. if ur curious , why i continousli posted 2 days , is because i hope csa see my posts and knoes wat is goin to miie and others in sch =] see i am such a gd fren. jkjk. anyway , todae , 1st period maths , continousli 3 periods for maths =.=" but thnx to pamela's curse.... she realli didnt come sch todae... so got cher take over... slack slack slack... didnt do much... boring... i red my chi. book, pam stare at miie?? or i dunno wat she do too... cas she onli came back at the 3rd period , b4 tat when to cpa lab do some stupid survey? l0lz. thn , athena was takin a nap... thn KH and Nithin kip sayin.... todae germany and argentina got a match... so kip quarreling over who win , win by how much and how gd "their" players is , how gd " their" skills is? i was like cant take it anymore , so i said " wat so great bout football? jus a ball and some stupid players kip kicking it around ... borin! " thn they both at the SAME time say " shut upp!" i was like... speechless... but eu shud realli see it for urself eu knoe?? th way they quarrel and argue is like small couples... so cute =] hahax. thn lifelit... ohh great , 3 period too... borin!!!! zzz.... cant take it... nth much lahh... gt group work. so baolian , ZY , Weikiat , nithin and miie in a group... kip talking [ the most talkative group in class =p and i am VERI proud of tat. hahax. ] anyway , ya. so we keep playin with ZY wallet... hahax. his "credit card" , coins and $$ =] thn recess.... thn music , ohh great... nw tis time is practical... need to play piano =.= and play a song fluentli.... zzz... thn ... can choose own partner , so i choose pamela =] she got grade 1 lehh... so she need play harder songs... so she say say can give miie free tuition!! hoorayy!!! =] hahax. thn... ermm... chinese.... dunno why chinese teacher nvr come?? so we also slack l0lz... talk alot... but mostli bout our future.... i want be lawyer / doctor . athena is a brain surgeon... pamela is a vet =] thn we would all immgrate ( dunno how spell ) to a country =] hahax. thn alot more... todae stayed back for fun... till 3.30 onli. pei pam , she got cca mahh... so miie , pam and athena when bubble tea shop. i treat her bubble tea cas i pormise to treat her if she win josiah in mid-year examm.... stupid josiah! zzz... thn we went to hang out at usual place =] hahax. came backk... saw the board tat write top 3 for levels and subject... pamela top 3 in whole sec2? l0lz. congrats =] athena 3rd for intergrated humanities! unbelievable.... congrats too... so gd , all up there... haix. some day in my 4 years in bowen , i hope at least , my name is up there for jus tis once , and i happi with it still... =[ haixx... hope so... so must study extreme hard , if nt sure impossible dehh... =] thn pam left 4 cca. miie and athena took bus to the bus stop near punggol pri. thn walk all the way to north vista sec the bus-stop over there... thn i took 88 go home , while athena continue walkin back home =] hahax. we both leave quite near , i realised =] mm... tats all... =] tmr wednedae... arhh! got p.e ... which i hate most? sueann used to love it? i would thn say " hope cher nvr come todae " , she would say" i want cher come , i want p.e " [ sth like dat. nt exact ] haix... miss her... hate p.e even more without sueann... ohh ya. btw , got class photo todae. csa , miie and pam buyin. eu want? we buy leh scan to com , send to eu? via email... [ tat is onli if eu want.]. i buy formal 2 and special edition[ the curve out kind? ] thn pam buy formal 1 and informal. =] so eu want? we can scan all 4 eu =] pls reply asap kk?? and tell us which eu want most =] kk , tats all 4 todae. post all tmr bahh ... maybe? hehex. see ya~ byebye (:

a.q (:

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