Friday, July 30, 2010

~The Typical girl ~

hey guys :) mmm... todae , fridae , a.k.a my fav. dae :) hahax. the lessons like normal deh... nth special... drama , okkie lah? do some practices... on actions and stuff , like hw to whine [ athena did the best for tat? ] l0lx. hahax. D&T , nth special , as usual? l0lx. hahax. thn ce also nth special... ohh , i changed my blog url? peeps , relinkk miie , kk? :) hahax. l0lx. todae , saw him , jordan and amelia. i went MinHui hse again!!! hahax. nowadays , keep goin? l0lx. hahax. JunHeng not free , gt track and fields , same for ZiHeng , thn SiYi got figure skating lessons :) mmm... we did our OWN INDIVIDUAL hwk... l0lx. i dun get the ans for qns 15 b of tb? dunno why... zzz... hack care , at least i bother doin it? l0lx. still got maths 75 qns(es) w8ing for miie? haix... hack care... todae had late dinner... l0lx. mmm... i tryin to change skin but no nice ones? l0lx. nvm... find nice deh thn change.. :) kk , tats all , maybe tmr goin to SiYi hse. her maths pro? so can ask her help with the stuppid 75 maths qns tat ruin my weekends? or i will be ice-skating with MinHui , ZiHeng, Amelia , Jordan and him... l0lx? zzz... hate it! i want go skating!!!!!


P.S the guys aren't goin to ice-skate with us.. they goin to karaoke/bowling which is located jus above the ice-skating there... [ speaking of which , i might want to learn to bowl? cas i jus realised among them , i am onli one who dunno hw to bowl , at least SiYi knoes the basic , ( obviousli learn from ZiHeng l0lx. ) ]



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