Saturday, July 31, 2010

I really regret not goin to SiYI's hse...

hihi. tis is the 100 posts i posted? L0Lx. so little... nvm , mmm... i alreadi did 24 maths qns from my maths ws. and i jus realised is nt 75 maths qns is onli 58 maths qns , cas the qns number is all jumbled up ... l0lx. mmm... nth much , i wanted to watch the latest kaichou wa maid-sama anime , but somehw , after eu read the manga and knoe the story ... its nt tat interestin to watch leh? cas eu knoe the storyline leh mah... is all about the same... so no pt... mmm... but the manga havent come out all yet... i want chapter 51!!!! its been like almost 2 months? still haven't come out... :( tis morning , my mum bought durian. =.=" i shld have known and go SiYi house... as usual , once my mum buy durian , there can onli be ONE possibility , his coming... zzz... l0lx. at first , i didnt thought he would come , i thought onli his mum would come after all , he did plan to go out with amelia and jordan didnt he? but guess wat , its a realli bad timing... yesterdae , after i left , he and jordan met up with ZiHeng and JunHeng and they went to play basketball... thn dunno hw on earth , he did it , but he hurt his left wrist and his a LEFT-HANDER!!! l0lx. =.=" thn his mum damn pissed off with himfor being so careless , keep complain to my mum? =.=" zzz... l0lx. and i didnt go to SiYi [ like i plan to ] cas i decided to go to library later on instead, but i realli regret my choice ... =.=" zzz... nw the whole dinning rm got the stinky durian smell... yikkes! l0lx. kk , nth else , i cant post lehh... they still around , mum ask miie to stop using com... l0lx. kk , byebye~ post more later ... [ maybe ]




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