Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dun make th one you love everything , cas when they are gone , you have nothing...

heyhey :) mmm... lets see... yesterdae , i didnt post cas i got no time , yesterdae durin sch , nth much , jus tat got D&T class test , do time planning chart. l0lx. thn CL also got class test , compo. take up 30% ... damn hard lah? didnt write much cas no time... but suppose i got lots more to write therefore i got to cut short... zzz... some more forgot to bring dictionary!!! zzz... so many words or phrases i want write but forget how write or dunno how write therefore cant write =.=" sure do very badli deh... thn after sch , i go compass , brought a new book , this time is ENGLISH! hahax. a miracle is actualli happenin? hahax. mm... the book is called : " betrayed " is the second bk of the house of night series... i got the first book and the latest one " marked " & " burned " . (: niceee.... sth like twilight and breaking dawn? also bout vampires and stuff. but i find this more interestin? dunno why also :P hehex. thn i came backk home at about 5.30? thn got to do debate script for nithin and miie , thn suppose is for todae... but cher nvr come... so postpone to earlier part of nxt week? :) wish us luck... realli hope i could win 2e4 jus this once... for todae , also nth much l0l. sch as usual jus tat todae , geog got to do sth with balloons thn after geog , robin , baolian , sherlyn and nithin start to play around with balloons . =.=" blow them , draw one them and POP them... zzz.... annoyin much? lateli , my sis is nt so depress lehh... well , i feel happi for her too as her sis [ i suppose? ] but seriousli... also ... lately , many things has been goin on in my mind... maybe its realli best for us not to talk or be frens with one another anymore? cas i am realli SICK of you making excuses like beening afraid. WHAT on earth , is there for eu to be afraid about? seriousli... i realli hate those excuses ur giving miie.... jus f-off and nt bother miie anymore , if all eu knoe is to give miie excuses , no pt wasting my time on eu , i have better things to do thn wasting time on eu , i have a LIFE [ credit : athena ( twinny~ ) ] , i cant jus talk to eu whenever eu want miie too and jus dump miie aside once eu are tired of it or when eu are nt free. i am a PERSON ... i have feelings too. jus leave miie alone if eu dun respect miie for who i am , and dun even think about miie changing myself jus for eu AGAIN! eu had had ur chance , but eu choose jus nt to cherish ...


One day , maybe far away from now.
We may lose touch and never talk again.
But this is the moment,
That once in my lifetime,
I know someone like you.



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