Saturday, October 23, 2010

And just like dat, you left my ♥ in chains

hihi. i seriousli have nth else better to do, so here i am double-postin... sigh. my life is borin and meaningless, seriously, i NEED HELP!!! i need to find ways to entertain myself before i BORED TO DEATH!~ ok, i knoe i am exaggerating , but my life is seriousli VERI BORIN!!! maybe i shld find joy and entertainment by disturbing my sis from studyin? haha. maybe tat shld work? who knoes... kk, i'll go try sometime soon, but i definiteli knoe i will get TONS of nagging if i am busted by my mum... l0ls. okay, i shld go disturb my sis. toodles~




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