Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I just finish watching the other half of " How To Train Your Dragon "

hi hi. nth much to post about leh, today is the second last day of school, l0ls, kind of nervous about tmr... getting report bk back sia... thn comes the nagging , scolding and grounding... l0ls. mmm... today we spent the day at L.T. we had a sexuality education talk about legal issues first thn had a interclass quiz, our class is runner-up , thn 2e1 is champion... suppose is us one l0l. thn 2e1 answered the last qns which is supposed to be worth 1 mark thn cher change it to 2 marks so we wouldnt have a tie =.=" zzz.... nvm, also onli a quiz , no big deal. l0l. finished watching the other half of " How to train your dragon " at :) niceee ... the other half is yesterday mrs leong show us in class, she say today continue... end up didnt cas no time... and i dun think she got time to show it to us tmr.... so i watch finish by myself first. :) tell ur first, this website , no virus , no need to sign up or stuff, but the quality soso onli... some parts a bit too dark, but still can see... but no choice wat... its still better than nth lehh ... kk , so if ur want watch thn go watch , kk :) nth else to post about, so ... Toodles~

a.q ^_^



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