Monday, October 25, 2010


I had it! i have enough of your abusing and nagging , regardless of it being mentally, emotionally or even physically! i just had enough of it! i have been living in fear for my past 14 years, fear of many stuff.Most child's memory of their childhood are mostly happy ones , memories of them having fun with their friends, their most embarrassing moments and others, but mine, is mostly of how i live in fear each day, fear of who? YOU! I dun get how come there is SUCH bias parents alive still? Every child wants a ideal parents, their ideal parents are parents tat are perfect and stuff, but since small, MY ideal parents is just simply one tat cares for me and my feelings and not one that think whats best for me and ends up abusing me! Honestly , i hate my sickening life! i hate my existence! but mostly , i hate YOU!~ just leave me alone as i am and stop making my life more miserable than it already is!




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