Friday, November 12, 2010

Goin to watch Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows with clique (:

hey. ^~^ today nth much la. kinda boring. l0l. anyway, today woke up later thn usual. feel like i'm really going to turn into a owl sooner or later. ha ha. anyway, thn arnd 2.30pm, twinnie ask if i wanna go out, so we went to compass point together :) went to arcade awhile, didn't play much, only played once. ha ha. thn we went arnd looking for necklace for twinnie's cosplay. thn we went to comics connection and twinnie bought a necklace, dunno wat support Eloise, aiya, i dunno anything about anime and stuff, so leave tat alone, twinnie bought a silky girl foundation. ha ha. for cosplay too... mmm... she also bought a belt. i only buy a pair of earrings same as twinnie, is cross-shaped but in pink unlike twinnie is in black. :) ha ha. anyway, i wan to add stuff in my wishlist, a pair of converse sneakers, tat glow in the dark! but cost 75 bucks!!! Zzz... too ex for me, need go bug my mum or god ma to buy for me. he he. :) and also a purple ruffled dress tat cost 115 bucks!!! Zzz... all the stuff are so ex!!! I NEED MORE $$!!!~ sigh, nth much l0l. arnd 5.30pm , we went home l0l. :) yupp (: tats about all... so toodles~



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