Thursday, November 11, 2010

YEAHH!!!~ Got into 3E2 with 2 pure sciences! Pure chemistry and Pure Biology :)

hi hi(: nth much la. Just tat, today, went back to sch at 9am to get the streaming results for next year. :) WOHOO!!!~ Miie, Pamela and Athena, all got into 3e2 with SS/lit. :) yeah!!!~ ha ha. thn we had some briefing and stuff, all quite boring and normal... as usual. miie and Pamela are the only ones listening to the "speech" and Athena is off dozing off. Can't really blame her, can tell she's pretty tired since she didn't slept much during this holidays. ha ha (: Sigh, feel kinda depressed? Now tat we are all banded into different classes? lol. Sigh~ Let's not mention the sad stuff , shall we? ha ha. Mmm... Feel like going out sia... But i'm feeling really tired without enough sleep, all my eye bags are coming out... Zzz... Sigh~ Think i should go take a nap, so... Toodles~ and nite nite~!

a.q ^~^

P.S New emotion --> ^~^ [ took it from lance on Face Book ] :)



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