Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pieces and pieces of memories are coming back bit by bit...

Hi hi. Mmm... pieces and pieces of memories are coming back. Sad ones, Angry ones, Frightening ones, Happy ones, even those i dun wish to recall again. All this , should be your work? I don't know, but i know, eu no longer have the rights to be the one to judge me for who i am. Eu no longer have the rights to rule my life, twinnie is right, i didn't live to please eu, i live to be myself, to do things i feel is right. Eu made my life miserable as it used to be, eu mean me live with a guilty conscious for the past one yr, making me feel every thing i did during tat incident was wrong, but after everything tat i had gone through with eu. I dun regret my actions anymore, eu dun deserve my ♥, eu deserve every single thing i try to give eu. Eu dun deserve my tears anymore. . .




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