Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Cantonese song from the 90s~

hey morning peeps! nth much, i forgotten tat i had posted already last night, or very early this morning, anyway. I had a new song downloaded , its a old Cantonese song ... but its really nice... so for those who want to go hear can go hear hear bahs (: its call : 一生何求 by 陈百强. I think it was before we were even born ... arnd 1990- 1992. ( or before? ) anyway, nowadays, since i have nth else better to do... i'm kind of "addicted" to old stuff... well not really addicted, just like their uniqueness and stuff like dat. OK, nth else... just to tell ur bout the new song. so, kk... Toodles~

a.q (:



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