Saturday, October 30, 2010

not travelling this hols

hi. i'm feeling really bored. Tmr got no tuition since exams are over and sch hols had began. my tuition starts again durin Decembers. this yr i'm nt travelling... parents want a break to think about some problems like accommodation , studies, jobs and money $$. l0l. i'm fine with tat i suppose. since i got used to the fact tat they nvr meant wat they say: promise miie if my L1R5 is less than 10 can go Canada see Sue-Ann... Wat a lie... haix. forget it. i'll just have to visit her some other time. maybe with my god ma instead tis time... kk, nth else , just to have a short post since i have nth else better to do. (: toodles~

aq (:



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