Friday, November 5, 2010

I bought 2 MORE Chinese Novels

hi hi.nth special, went out with mummie and sister to taka. l0l. sis bought ANOTHER Eeyore plush toy. sigh. i had tons of them at home already!!! stop buying them for her!!! I went to kinokuniya and bought 2 MORE Chinese romance novels. :) they are:《1年3班恶男军团》(Bad boy's Company ) & 《 甜蜜约定进行曲》(A Sweet Promissory March ). But this time, they are in traditional Chinese word font. so i'm going to take a longer time to finish them... ... which is Gd right? at least, i get sth to entertain myself for a longer time b4 i get bored again. Athena said she's having fever, so we change to tmr thn go out l0l. still trying my best to figure out a SHORTER way to Far East Plaza... Since the directions my mum gave me was for LUCKY plaza. == sounds alike, so she mix them up... Far East Plaza, from its name , is FURTHER away from Ion. no choice... got to walk longer distance lol... oh. and my mum bought ANOTHER Louis Vuitton Handbag == I dun get what so nice about that brand sia... i dun like the LV logo. kk. nth much, just want to update on what i did today :) Toodles~

P.S Can someone help me ask Ms Chua? Of the time on 11 Nov. Must tell me the time earlier... if nt i later over-sleep ==

a.q *~*


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