Monday, November 8, 2010

I am having PHOBIA over the stupid notes!

hey(: This is my 150Th post (: ha ha. nice number, erm... nth much really, didn't post yesterday, cas my life is very boring. ha ha. :) dun have anything much to post anyway. i need advice , Gd ones or at least useful ones. DESPERATELY! sigh. my love life is more and more complicated each day. yesterday, mummie went to Jannie's house to play mahjong at arnd 6pm (: with my sister. so i invited Amelia, Min Hui , SiYi, and the boys lol, started of with them playing tai-di. i still dunno how play sia! FAILURE! == sigh, yeah, thn the girls got bored, so we started to paint our finger nails... ha ha. some boring stuff. i painted both my toes and fingers ones RED, thn.... i realized sth... I have to go to school on Thursday! and i had my fingernails painted RED! == stupid right? sigh. no choice, got to wash off on Wednesday lol. ha ha. nth much~ Thn we played twister :) ha ha. i realized tat miie and SiYi are the most flexible one... among them la. maybe is cas We Figure-skates tats why... l0l. oh, and we are not alone at home, my god ma was back! so she's like our babysitter? though we are not babies anymore... so maybe like our nanny? ha ha. anyway, I had decided to drop the idea of learning to play the guitar. ITS FREAKING HARD!!!!~ i'm having difficulties with it, i am having PHOBIA of the stupid notes!!!~ == oh, and i wanted to go to macs like Willis. But my dad dun allow == he was like: Dun we give eu enough allowance? Why do eu have to go out to work part-time? == [ please note, i still get allowance during hols.] so, cannot l0l. == feel like i'm like only 10 and need protection == nvr mind, nth else ... so... Toodles~




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