Friday, October 29, 2010

" You Belong With ME " By Taylor Swift

hey. sigh. first , feeling jealous over sth minor tat get emo over it. isn't it kind of sick? Secondly, i SERIOUSLY hate myself, why didn't i appreciate Wat i have in the beginning? why regret it later?? i had tons of experience over this kind of stuff and i nvr seem to learn my lesson. i hate it. Zzz... but its all too late to regret now... Lastly, i swear to myself from this very moment, i HAVE TO and i MUST learn my lessons and never do the same again!!! or i'll regret for my ENTIRE life...


You Belong With ME by Taylor Swift.
I still rmb how i first came across to this song and hated it.
i thought i would NEVER like it.
who knows.
who knows i would have such a day.
a day that i would learn to appreciate such a song cas of MY OWN experiences.
now i like it just as much as i like Take A Bow By Rihanna.



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