Monday, November 15, 2010

I hate Liars~

hi hi.went out with mummie and sister to Bugis Junction yesterday with god ma too, she came to look for us, asking if i could join her on a 2-3 weeks free and easy tour which she would fully-sponsor me to go!!! Seems like she wants to go and visit the 7 wonders of the world!!! got the tower in PARIS , the place i ALWAYS wanted to go visit!! But apparently, my mum wouldn't allow. she say i'm too immature and not independent enough to look after myself and doesn't want me to be a burden... of my god ma... Zzz... Yeah right, as if. == Most of the time , when my mum leaves for her mahjong sessions, i cook most of my own meals, i does the laundry, i iron the clothes, i mop the whole house, i EVEN WASH THE TOILET, and eu say i'm not independent and mature enough to look after myself... yeah right, i bet if eu leave me alone at another but gives monthly allowances tat is enough for my food and accommodation... i can survive without a problem == wat a liar. but well, i can TRY console myself with the fact tat she PROMISE to get me the pair of converse shoe tat i want... :) haha~ But she never keeps her promises... and i just have to pray hard she keeps them tis round... *CROSS MY FINGERS AND PRAY* well, nth actually, just wanted to post about what happen yesterday... toodles~

a.q ^~^



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