Friday, February 25, 2011

i WANT you

Hey! Erm, yesterday didn't get to use the computer so couldn't update! (: Today P.E we played floor ball, grouped ourselves into 8 groups of 5 (: played with four other teams, agreed with Athena that playing with Justin && Rhaizan's boy group better than others, more aggressive, more violent, tend to run more. (: Exercise more! More than since it's floor ball, dun really hate P.E that much le lol? ha ha. Used to hate P.E a LOT cas of volley ball, which i suck at? then also played with some stupid bitch which cheated? it clearly wasn't a goal yet they say it is? i mean, if it really was a goal, why would i lie about it? Just a game. but those stupid bitches clearly think that way? l0ls. so pathetic. What to lie just to win? Apart from that, one of the stupid bitch keep copying others? it's like damn clear she's copying what others' are saying. Example: Cher asked a qns, Aloysius answered it, she still wants to answer it. Yeah eu may think whats wrong with that right? maybe she really know or sth right? But here's the problem. It's a maths qns Cher's asking, if she really knows, why would she ask Cher explain again later on? so stupid. damn unlucky, every year also got bitches in my class. Anyway, today Chemistry, got back results for CT. Got only 28 when Pamela && Athena got like 42 && 35 respectively. fml. my chemistry sucks like hell. really need serious help. Zzz... then E maths Cher gave each pair two word problem relating to quadratic eqns that are like worth 10 marks each and ask us solve == ended up me && Kevin only manage to like solve one? so pathetic. && that was like after SEVERAL attempts lol. == Zzz... Need more practice on E maths word problems too. Thn A maths, learn new chapter, Chapter 3, Sum of Roots && Product of Roots. Haven't learn from tutor yet. Kind of tedious? l0ls. need more practice too. ugh. my life is so busy. think nowadays can hardly update le. Go back to the once a week only scheme. l0ls. ha ha. started with revision on SS. Have a feeling mid years gonna be tested on chapter 2 && 3. should start studying now... && dun think this time only got Structured Essay. May have Structured qns again? who knows? BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY. nth much, gonna go have dinner, i'm starving. toodles ~ Maybe update on sat or sun? (: See ya.



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