Sunday, February 20, 2011

Friends ♥

Hi hi! It's Sunday! l0ls. dunno why feel so hyper today when i should be feeling tired and stuff after all, i managed to text till 2++am this morning... *yawns* okay, i am a bit tired but i'm still hyper! Most importantly, i'm still ME. ha ha. ( p.s. I LOVE the picture on the left, isn't it, erm, meaningful? well, it sure is to me :D ) Was helping my coz with his primary 4 maths sum just now. i feel really pathetic for forgetting how to use guess && check to solve the qns can? l0ls. but ended up i rmbed. and managed to solve it with some help from C.S.A too. ha ha. mmm... nth much really, tmr got CL test, and i dunno how study for it? i mean how do eu ever study for languages? its like these are subjects that cant be studied for? l0ls. mmm... Later sister and mummy going Toa Payoh. left me home alone...
So sad... ha ha. as if :P l0ls. nth else. think i'm gonna study and do my leftover hwks. toodles~



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