Sunday, February 6, 2011

I'm Awesome \m/

hey. It's sunday! i dunno if i shld be happy or sad. haha. tats sounds stupid. last Wednesday to Friday , i went arnd visiting relatives and friends. it's really stupid tat every time my dad returns my mum and i would quarrel. i think i'm gonna collapse soon... i just take it anymore. i dun get how SOME ppl can be SO bias... i dun get it seriously... sigh... think i'm just gonna leave everything alone. i'm gonna focus on my studies this year. nth else matters anymore besides studies, cas i know , only if i do well for my studies, i would be able to leave this sickening place... arghh... it sucks to feel alone.

I know i'm awesome, but u dun have to choose/follow whatever i do/choose/say. Cas this would only make me pity u and make u urself looks more pathetic than u already are.



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