Wednesday, February 16, 2011

P.S you were nothing but a LETDOWN

Hey. Today got Chemistry and Mother Tongue Class Test, think i'm gonna flank both? l0ls. ha ha. nth much, lessons was boring , msg-ing some friends and stuff. nth much really , all very normal. l0ls. but eu should have seem Kevin's face when he ALMOST fell of the chair , damn epic? [ quoted from Wei Jie ] Biology, Both Wei Jie and Kevin was do origamis , Kevin folded a penguin and a dinosaur. Wei Jie thought the dinosaur was a Swan. ha ha. Awesome \m/ l0ls. Got really hungry in the middle of lessons, think i finally got affected by the fries and burger decorations in my class? ha ha. anyway, during recess, or somewhere arnd there, Kevin tried to do a flip. but its was an epic failure lol? he hit his left thigh onto the table behind my seat. Awesome! \m/ nth much really. haha. Literature was FUN!!!! Way beyond descriptions? Ms James wrote this Poem Called :" Comatose" and wanted us to tell her bout our feelings towards this poem.

Comatose by Ms Inparani James

Alone, benumbed, cold feet and hands
Regret, remorse , tears
he lay there
Awake but asleep
Dead but still alive
They thought he could not make it
Father, my father
there he lies

Should be something more or less like dat. can't rmb the exact poem, but she only wrote tat much for us. its supposed to be a extreme long poem that takes up two columns of a newsletter. Nth else besides this, just wanted to share a part of the poem i just heard (: Got tons of uncompleted hwk that is due tmr , plus i still have tuition later. Gotta run, toodles ~


P.S if ur wondering why i'm not upset or angry at all when i should be, here what i gonna say , It's not worth getting all angry and upset over someone like eu. Cas ur not the only person thats gonna appear in my life. Who knows who else might appear? But one thing i know for sure. My life is so much better without eu , be it as a friend or much more than that. && I'm NOT Alone either...



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