Friday, February 18, 2011

Today is the first day of our Common Test 1.

Hey! Like the stars on the left? they look so perfect right? Feel kind of stress now, with all the studies and stuff , so i'm back to folding stars? haha. Kk. If eu had noticed by now, I had changed my blog skin AGAIN! I wanted to change my blog URL too. but that will be too much trouble for those who have to relink me, so , nvr mind bah (: See, i'm so considerate? ha ha. anyway, Today is the first day of our common test. Got English Paper first, supposed to write a proposal, thn got Social Studies paper, Supposed to write a structured Essay and do planning which is worth 3 marks??? l0ls. couldn't finish the planning, but managed to finish the Essay though... Stupid la, They give only 45 mins, and expect us to finish? should give more time? I know what to write already cant finish, what if i didn't study how? Sure cant even do finish half one la... Stupid. Now i know why so many ppl fail. Not cas it's difficult , but cas not enough time... Zzz... KK, Apart from that, E maths got a open book test, supposed to be Class Test . But the Class say there were already two test, very tiring , so our teacher changed it to a open book test. Since i didn't bring my book, i didn't refer, so that marks should be accurate and reflects my standard? l0ls. Both E maths and A maths also got hwk... Monday test Geography and Mother Tongue (CL) but i nvr take Geography, i took Literature, so dun need test (: But literature also will have class test... Hope i wouldn't fail. *cross fingers* Oh, Pamela also wanna change her blog skin, kk. Have to go help her. After that still need to continue folding stars. Study later bah. shall study chemistry since Chinese cant study one. Oh yeah, still haven't do Chinese 剪报. shall do it later too. Gotta go. Toodles~

a.q (:



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