Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Today is the last day of our Common Test 1!

Hi! Today was a late school day (: yeah. can wake up later , reached school arnd 8.15am to have breakfast with Pam. Very typical. Returned to class arnd 8.30? ha ha. Help both Yvonne and Wei Jie with their revision, though i myself also not so sure with my chemistry :P but maths i'm quite confident (: Today's A math was okay but Chemistry test was tougher though. Think i'm gonna flunk it too... Zzz... just anyhow feel it in. But seriously hope i wouldn't? nth much really, after chemistry, spent half an hr talking bout crap with Pam && Athena till lunch time! After lunch was Biology && Literature. Mrs Azlan spent half an hr lecturing us on how we should pay attention in her class && do self revision more often. Jeez. So boring? l0ls. Then we had Literature. Ms James didn't come, Mr Sim was supposed to take over her and teach us till the end of term 2!!!! Ugh! i want Ms James back!!! Honestly speaking, i personally feel that Ms James is a better teacher? I meant last year Mr Sim also taught us English? but he was just watching by the side, but his still not as good as Ms James? Jeez. Hope I dun flunk literature. thn thats all for today!!! Ha ha. today's our last day of exams!!! e1 && e3 ends tmr. they have physics (: i'm glad i didn't take physics, not only can i not manage my time, i suck at it too :P think of taking up chemistry tuition, but that will mean i have to give up either of my maths tuition... think i'll most probably give up on e maths... after all, e maths tuition is later at night where most of the time , i'll end up falling asleep... ha ha. nth much, later still need go for tuition. Jeez. can't i skip it just once... forget it. mummie would never allow. nth much le. maybe going out with Sheryl this Sunday AGAIN! But this time is to relax and watch a movie? (: maybe watching 127 hours (: damn depressing one...

I need to learn to forgive && forget. Only then , can i live the rest of my life happily. I know that eu dun deserve my forgiveness, and eu knew that too. But why? Why are eu telling it to me? Why tell me eu only realized how important i have become when i'm gone? Why tell me that i'm a part of ur life when i had finally forgot about eu? Why? Why do eu choose to say it now when everything in my life is so near to complete perfection? Why choose to tell me when eu are leaving? What are eu expecting of me to do about this? What to eu still want from me? What do eu expect to get from me? Do eu expect me to forgive eu for all that eu had done? Should i? Should i forgive eu for everything eu had done? For making me go through all this ? For making me suffer the pain of betray and the pain of lost? For making me trust eu and abuse that trust? For making me believe in miracle and tell me later that all this is just a dream? what should i do now?



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