Friday, February 25, 2011

Sometimes, i feel that i'm redundant.

I realized as time passes, people do change. Some for the better but majority for the worst. Sigh. Feel so emotional since last night, but i guess the worst is finally over? But i still glad i have besties && good friends arnd me who support me && believe in me! Ur AWESOME \m/ ^^ Nothing really, had tuition this afternoon. Jeez. I'm starting my skating addictions AGAIN!!! I wanna skate ): But mummy dun allow. Worry that i'll end up with a serious leg injury like when i was primary 6 && can't run the nafa. 2.4km. Ugh. I HATE P.E, i wanna skate ): envy,envy, jealous, jealous ): Sigh. Still haven't complete my English hwk that was given to us 2 WEEKS ago. == So much for promising to ALWAYS do my English hwk FIRST == l0ls. think i'm gonna concentrate and finish up my hwk. toodles~ (:

p.s I think the picture on the left , the Patrick's head is to pointy, dun YOU think so? ^^



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