Sunday, January 23, 2011

My ambition

hey, well, nth much, I'm just really in a good mood today, i was like so happy this morning till SHE spoil MY mood. Terence , extra ordinary, Jonathan and I was like talking about some stuff, then we started this topic on future career and stuff, Terence wanted to be a Cardiologist - heart doctor. Amelia wanted to be a Obstetrician - doctor that deals with Birth and Pregnancy [ she LOVES kids. ] and SiYi wants to be a Nutritionist , Zhi Heng + Jun Heng wants to have their own business, Jonathan wants to be a Veterinarian [ he loves pets ] Naturally i wanna be a lawyer that focus on child abuse and family issues, I was the last one to finish off what i wanna be, coincidentally , my mum heard it, she said: " Ur still not over tat stupid dream of yours? How many times must i repeat myself before u would stop this stupid unrealistic dream of yours? why cant u be a accountant like i ask u to? Or even a teacher would be fine, But why a Lawyer? " I got so mad, i ran off, it has always been like this, ever since i wanted to be a lawyer, never once was she being supportive. I'm sick of it. i know clearly myself, out of so many of my friends, only my ambition is unrealistic, and this is all because my friends are good at their ambition, Amelia is GREAT at bio , same for Terence , and everyone is good at what they wish to be, I'm the only one who wishes to be a lawyer when my english simply SUCKS! But it's not like i never tried. I practice and practice. i just dun get it... I know it long ago, tat no way , i will succeed , but still, i wish to dream, at least let me dream, dream for another year or 2. Then I'll start to face reality and focus on something, I'm really good at...



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