Monday, February 28, 2011

You can't have a rainbow without a little rain.

Hey! It's Monday! Think i'm having Monday blues rather often nowadays. nth special, First lesson was Biology, was expecting Mrs Azlan to return the papers to us. But sadly, NOPE. she didn't, somehow expected it. ha ha. After that was A maths, got back our paper. Got 38 out of 40. Ugh! Got careless mistake, so Cher minus 2 marks!!!! UGH!!!!! Zzz... or i could get a full marks??? UGH!!! So pathetic. Thn we had recess, starve in class. ( trying to save $$ for certain stuff ). Thn we had E maths. Also got back paper. 45 out of 50. 1 mark careless and 4 marks dunno how do. l0ls. DOUBLE pathetic. fml. E maths we also learn a new chapter inequalities , which i suck at? thn we had Literature. Ms James is back!!!! Yeah!!! (: Continued on the worksheet which we didn't complete last week. This Wednesday got Class test, over 50 marks. Marks is to be combined with Social Studies && put into our report book. Think i'm gonna flunk badly? My English sucks. Anyway, thn we had lunch && afterwards we had English, thought we would be getting our papers back. but nope. our teachers went to ACJC. Anglo Chinese Junior Collage. For i dunno whatever reasons. So was suppose to do a comprehension practice in our Distinction For English Book. But spent 45 mins talking to Jasmin && Jamie instead :P talking bout K-Pop. shit. Think i'm obsessed with it too. wtf. nth else after that. Stayed back awhile still to do my e maths hwk. on inequalities. hate to draw the stupid timeline. jeez. why is it even needed when it's so tedious? guess e maths is tedious maths unlike a maths. okay, thats all for today. proceed to update on YESTERDAY.
Yesterday, had Macdonald breakfast! awesome \m/ thn read a book on the wonders of the world. Did eu know The statue of Liberty was a gift for the united states of america from France? Did eu know the & pointy thing on the statue of liberty represents 7 different continents? Did eu know The Great Wall of China wasn't only completed during the Qin Dynasty? After the Qin Dynasty, Emperors continued to extend it? OMG. Awesome! \m/ i didn't know all this before!!! COOL!!! After awhile, left the house to go to compass point. Meet Sheryl at Mini Toons. Went to Library cafe for lunch. had potatoes chunk && peach dream smoothie. *yummy* Stayed there for awhile to borrow books. (: thn we went to popular, Action City && Mini Toons. Bought a new hand phone strap && Hand phone pouch (: nice... the hand phone strap is denim fabric! NICE!!! ( bought a few more after returning home from sch. for Amelia, SiYi && Min Hui ) Wanted to get some for Sheryl, Athena && Pamela. but the ppl there say no more same color , need wait one day. only left those "light" blue jeans color. I want the dark blue black one! No choice. next time go out with clique thn buy different kind one bah (: also went to comics connection, Sheryl bought some anime stuff && we became member tgt, so can get 10% discount! (: Same quite a lot of $$? lol. thn went to walk arnd timezone with Sheryl. Didn't play any games. Sheryl dun like to play this kind one... nth much, went back to library, read books awhile, went to Watson to get some stuff, couldn't find it , so end up didn't buy. Thn went to Cold Storage get SUSHI! *Yummy* (: nth much, ate awhile thn go home leh. so typical? ha ha. (: nth else. that all. shall update tmr if got time bah. ^^




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