Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm in a bad mood.

hey! Yesterday didn't post cas got no time :P ugh. suffering now. had M.C for the whole day today/ stupid. damn bad mood now. so nobody bother me! nth much really. When for tuition today. typical. Came home, did nth besides watch TV. watched 《面包王》。 Borrowed the disc from mummie's friend. finished till episode 20 only. still got 10 more episodes. sigh. think i'll finish them tmr (: gonna go sleep after posting (: Thats about all for today.
Had p.e first period. played floor ball, nth else. chemistry was well, boring && confusing. typical :P Thn we had recess, was changing seats with Kevin, i wanna sit outside. inside is hot && cannot concentrate too. Thn we had e maths, did a bit more of inequalities && did filing. oh shit. haven't file my worksheets yet. nvm. do them tmr. :P Thn we had a maths. went to com lab to use the computer to use the software, graphmatics. l0l. keep changing com labs cas some com dun have the software. == FTC. thn thats all, after sch when to hougang pt to have lunch @ mac donalds with clique. Thn bought 3 packets of straw, red, blue && green. finished 2 packets le! only left red :P used them to fold hearts && stars. learned to make star from Kevin (: Cant believe his the kind that's damn Gd at hand crafts? he was like saying, make these kind of things can save $$ next time , when getting his gf gifts. == damn cheapskate la boys. nth much really. kind of tired, gonna go sleep leh. toodles ~ (:



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