Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm omly left with my Biology && Chinese results unknown.

Hey! Today supposed to have E maths tuition @ night. But i quit le. Decided to take up chemistry tuition instead. My chemistry need SERIOUS help. :P Erm. Today first period was supposed to be assembly, but we stayed in class && do a talk on some online stuff. boring. Thn we had Chinese lessons, was like hoping to get back our results today? after all, most classes got back. but our teacher was absent == so didn't get back the results. So sit with Pam , Athena && Patty. l0ls. talk about some stupid stuff, did some stupid stuff, doodle && draw. ha ha. (: thn recess, went arnd with patty to sec 1 level help her get information from sec 1 girl guides (: After recess was A maths, learn more alpha beta. which i suck at. kind of tough. think i would definitely need more practice. after 1 && 1/2 hr of A maths, we have another 1 && 1/2 hour of English. Our teacher came back! Got back our paper, our class highest is only 20 out of 30 == Some guy got the highest == I got 17 out of 30 only. Ugh. My English seriously sucks. && our teacher damn strict at marking? fml. Supposedly, our teacher said no planning && use of correction tape or correction fluid have to minus 1 mark for each. However, majority of our class students , because of that 1 mark, didn't pass, so teacher made a deal with us. He return us the 1 mark he took away. But the next time any test or exam, if anyone of us use correction tape, he will minus 2 marks instead! Jeez. So I decided , the next time if there's any test for English, i'll pass Pam or Athena my correction tape instead. so without it, i wouldn't use even if i forget by accident :P Ain't i smart? jkjk. Thn we had lunch && Social studies. Got back results for Social Studies Paper. Our class highest is 14 marks. Priya highest (: I got 13 marks out of 15. Well, not bad, at least this can help pull my humanities grade up IF i do badly for literature. which there will be a class test tmr. ugh. i wanna study for it so i wouldn't do badly, but literature can't be studied == eu need to understand the question to do well. == But i didn't regret taking it though. cas i know i'll do even worst for Geography :P I suck at Geo. that's about all. still have to let my mum sign my english paper && do my corrections. == Gotta go. Toodles~



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