Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i had tons of fun todae at th mangroves.

hiie. todae went to the mangroves. =] cher group us into 3 big groups. A, B and C . i went to B . got lance, kennhong, joshua, zengyong , miie , CSA , pamela , sheryl and baolian. and some 2a2 ppl tat i dunno. =] ermm..... had lots of fun. saw lots of interesting bugs and animals. =] crabs, and some nice flower and trees =] lols. thn zy and kh veri funni thoughout the trip although zy keep sayin mean things to miie =] haha. thn he keep askin miie to help him hold the distilled water =p hehe i wouldnt fall for his trick deh lah =p hehe. poor things leh.... ( though i dun realli pity him ) i am beenin sacrastic =] hehex. =p naughty miie. had tons of fun realli. CSa dun want take picture =[ so sad... =] but i manage to take one with her =p hehe. l0ls. wanted to take more with her, but she dun want =x haha . l0ls. had we went i sit with Pamela. went back to school i sit with Siew hwee. she keep sneakin want take my picture -.- but i am not stupid =p hehe. l0ls. nth much. the picture all with pamela so cant post. but dunn worri wait till i get the picture from pamela thn i will post asap =] see eu guys =] buaiis~!



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