Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tuition from 1-4pm!!!!! SO TIRING!!!!!

hiie. =] quite long nvr post leh. my blog's quite dead =.=" nvm. over here today is 18th March 2010. I would like to wish some one happi birthdae =]
HAPPI 14th BIRTHDAE , Sandric
May all ur wishes come true.
And smiles always :)
Best regards, anqi =]

okays. todae got tution from 1-4pm ... saw sushi too. l0ls. same tuition just different daes. haix. now my brain go maths maths and maths. =.= " cant believe jonathan fail his english?? l0ls. he sucks at music too?!?!?!?! wat a shock of my life. when he say : i failed my music , singing and english .... " i was like " OMG!?!?!?! " cant believe it... his great at english??? he got A for PSLE?? now he fail when i didnt?? Woww.... best part. his surname is jonathan SUNG??? shldnt he do best in music?? though i knoe surname has to inpact in talent but?? l0ls. so unbelievable?? hahax. l0ls. =] well had fun tats all . =]
buaiis~! post more maybe tmr?? Ohhh yeahh.... tmr goin for a hair cut. not cuttin alot. just some and lay it too =] hope it turns out nice?? wish miie luckk =]



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