Thursday, May 20, 2010

tryin to figure out wats th problem with miie...

wats the problem with miie?? i am tryin to figure it out myself too.... something's definiteli wrong with miie , wat was i actualli thinkin ?? actualli tryin to do?? wat am i tryin to prove?? my mind and feelins are so confused... everythin just dun seem right.... i nvr notice it till nw.... my feelins for him isn't tat complicated anymore.. its simple... its all veri simple... there's just nth goin on between us.... nth would ever happen to us... its just rumors , why didnt i realised it sooner?? why didnt i realised i didnt realli like him , the reason for my feelins is cas i am affected by th rumors?? i am so stupid!!! well.... knoeing it late is still better thn nth... i realli hope all tis would come to a stop right now... cas i dunno how long i can still take tis... it's killin miie on th inside...


[ omg... where's th old miie?? i feel so sadd... feel like crying... but just no tears?? i dun get it... i nvr get affected by tis kind of problems... but wats wrong with miie now?? gettin affected easily by all tis?? i realised i changed... i dun scold anymore... i dun get mad anymore... i dun quarrel anymore , as much as i still want to argue and quarrel with josiah and weiren... i just dun seem to have th energy to quarrel... where's my temper gone?? where's all my ' energy ' , my motivation??? have it realli gone awayy?? i realli wonder... how long i am goin to take to recover tis round... i just isn't in a mood.... i tried everythin... try playin with pam and csa .... get myself occupied... as much as i may seem like i am fine... i just isn't , i realli dun get it?? i nvr had tis feelin b4... not even when tat time... but why now?? does he realli had a great impact on miie?? i dunno... feelin lost and upset... i dun even knoe why i am feelin tat wayy?? l0lz... ... ]



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