Saturday, May 22, 2010

notes to thnx some of my frens =]

To amelia:
thnx for being there to console [ dunno how spell ] miie when i was veri upset... eu are one of my bestest frens. hope we can be frens b4 =]

To cherrie:
thnx for the concern... though eu didnt say much , but just by a few smses , i can tell eu still care for miie =]

To sueann:
yeahh.... eu didnt say anything... but eu did have some credit for having fun with miie , though eu dun realli knoe wats goin on with my life but still , eu did try distract miie from other stuff =] thnx... i'm sure goin to miss eu when eu leave [ i knoe i said tis mani times , but still... i'm SO goin to miss eu :( ]

To athena:
eu were there for miie , hearding miie say my troubles and problems [ whenever we hang out at the playground ] just llike how i hear ur problem... this makes miie feel more relieve =] thnx =]

To Pamela:
thnx for ur concern and encouragement though eu dun realli knoe wats goin on with my life too [ just like csa ] but i realli appreciate ur concern and care 4 mii3 . frens forever , kk?? =]

To jordan:
thnx for th lame , cold jokes tat cheers miie up everytime =] i knoe his ur best frens , so its natural for eu to side him , but still , eu did to put an effort to cheer mii3 up =] thnx l0ts.

To tis some1 tat dun read my blog:
eu dun have credits for anything , nt for cheer miie up , nt for encouraging miie , nt for caring bout miie , nt for showing ur concern , nt for anythin , but for keep ur promise, and keep everythin a secret , though in th end , every1 [ nt realli every1 lah , but mostly ] knoes bout it... but still thnx for keepin ur secret , it mean a lot to mii3 ... thnx =] hope we can be FRENS 4ever ?? =] thnx =]


i knoe i can let it go.. i knoe its possible... but i just dun want to... i still want to hold on tight to it... i dun want to let go... i dun want too... i would nvr take those risk again... its just too much for miie... too muchh... i cant take it any longer... it hurt even more after i let go... i cant take it any longer... i knoe its nt worth tearing over a guy like him... so easily jealous over some guy he dun even knoe... dun trust ppl kind... i hate those guys...

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