Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i would nvr forgive eu , no matter wat eu do cas i hate eu!!

i cant take tis pressure any longer... its killin my conscious , i dunno why but i just simply feel so guilty ... i had nvr been selfish in front of eu b4... just tis once , pls let miie selfish for just tis once. i can no lnger take tis pressure ppl are giving... maybe its th wrong step the veri beganning... maybe ... i had alreadi made a mistake th beganning of tis relationshippp... i cant take the pressure anymore... i dun want neither of us to get hurt anymore... i believe tats the best for both of us... i knoe i been selfish now... but ust tis once... i feel tis decision and choice is th right one... he just cant get out of my mind? i would rather take all th rumors thn this.... its killin miie. eu may nt knoe but ... i wasn't a bit happi ... i am sorri for hurting eu , pls forgive miie....
is tis wat eu want?? are eu happi now?? why?? why do eu have to do tis to miie?? and why to miie?? if eu think wat eu do will make miie change my mind , ur so wrong. i would NVR change how i find eu and ur character. eu are SO selfish... eu dun own miie , i get to make up my mind. stop pretending to be someone veri poor thing , veri sadd... veri moody, lovesick ... [ etc ] ur so PATHETIC! at the end of th day... eu dun even get a thing when eu got through all tis trouble?? all eu get is MIIE HATING EU EVEN MORE! all the pain i am having and suffering now... is all THNX to EU! and somedae , i am goin to make eu suffer twice my pain! eu nvr knoe how much trouble , we had so we can be together?? whenever , we go out... we have to worry tat ppl may see etc. eu think its easy ?? [ ohh , i forgot , eu NVR had a gf b4 >.< ] eu nvr knoe OUR pain.. our worries , but dun worri... cas i am goin to make eu suffer TWICE the pain.... or more.. cas now , i hate eu alot! and i would nvr forgive eu! no matter wat eu do , i would nvr forgive eu! zzzz... baka! idiot. hate eu! zzz....

w8 ... i promise i would w8 ... just 4 more years to go... i promise i would w8 for eu no matter how long its might be. but eu too must promise tat eu will w8 for miie too... tats the promise between us... =]



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