Monday, June 28, 2010

♥ Time is the best cure for a love wound...♥

hihi. todae is the first dae of sch. well, lets all see if anything special in sch? mmm.... nth much. we changed our sitting arrangement [ like i was hoping for ] well , i am currentli sitting with nithin and behind miie is Robin and Pamela. (: great! 1st and 2nd in class , is jus behind miie... anything , i dunno.... jus ask them bahhh... so convenient (: hahax. got IHG tmr... nth much , cas we onli got 30minutes... thn lifelit, we have tis new system: oral newspaper reading... =.=" hate it... got to read alot in front of the whole class?? ya, ms wang [ a.k.a Mrs Wong ] is right... the no.1 fear , majority humans have , fear for speak aloud.... i guess i am one of the majority huh? haixx.... dun like to read aloud tats for sure... thn science. ohh.... ms chua reborned her hair? she looks nicer with her new hairstyle? hahax (: mmm.... the whole 10minutes we spent in class b4 goin to the lab , nithin has been complaining away... " she looks so weird in her new hairstyle!" ," she looks fine to miie?!?! " . " i cant stand a look at her... " , " thn dun look lah! " . " she look so weird in her new hairstyle!" "... ... " . " i cant stand a look at her..." , "... ..." for the whole 10 minutes.. he keep sayin the same old thingy!!! l0lx. mmm.... she changed her hairstyle, hope her attitute and mood changes too. and guess wat? many ppl did say she changed?? why is tat so?? i dunnno?? hahax. anyway , thn we had chinese... cher say do compo. but i hack care, no one did too anyway? haha. slackk slack and slack. maths , we did graphs . tats all , ms tan got tis new spectacles. DAMN BIG! O_O nerddyyy~~~ she even had a sore throat?!?! thn she told us , she ate durian despite knoeing she got cough? so end up becoming a sore throat... l0lz. =.=" diaoo... thn she say " dun worri , soon i will be able to shout at ur again " [ sth like dat ] thn pam told miie " hope she eat more durians... " ** pam , eu are veri bad... evil arh eu?? ** [ hahax. jkjk ] kk , nth else... but as usual. maths always got hwk dehh =.=" so... i go do my hwk leh. yupp. byebye =] see ya at sch tmr ~

a.q (:

p.s oh dear, science got small quiz on animal & plant cells on wed. 30/6. dun forget!
*** Rmb to study! ***
aiya , but i think , ppl will jus ignore it & dun study 4 it still =.="



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