Sunday, June 27, 2010

todae is the last day of sch hols.

hihi. todae is sundae , also the last dae of sch hols. mmm.... read CSA blog , a minute ago. mmm.... seems like she is nt having a gd time there?? haha. does curious about her doings at canada. visit her blog @ mmm... todae morning got tuition... thn saw jonathan... nothing special =] jus tat i am realli happi tat i finalli let th baggage down. =] haix.... need to do geography and lifelit hwk still.... realli tired and lazy... tmr first dae of sch... wonder wat i'm goin to do without csa's cold jokes huh? haix... human's are always like tis. when they have something , they dun appreciate wat they have , but when they lose it... they start to regret huh? i realli shud learn to cherish wat i have now... b4 i start regreting again =.=" haix.... seems like in my post got alot of "haix"(s) =] mmm... nth else... i go have my late lunch , so see ya. =] post more later maybe , if there is annythin special goin on... but maybe nt , cas i nid prepare 4 tmr's school? =] so byebye.... see ya. =]

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