Sunday, May 16, 2010

feel so happi like athena ♥

hihi. todae woke up early go tuition... now i ♥ tuition . hehex. =p anyway , extreme happi =] hehex. ♥ mmm... i finalli noe how athena feel =p hehex ♥ mmm... actualli i got nth to say , but just feel like postin... hahax. ♥ l0lz. mmm... yaa... just wonder if i make th wrong choice?? i told athena to to make the right choice and nt to XX XXXXXXXX XXXX some1 XX XXX ♥ , but here i am ... doin tis myself... i knoe he likes miie alot since a long time... his realli a nice guy, his always there for miie whenever i nided some1 ... his always there just like XXXXXX is there for miie. but.. eu cant just choose to be with someone cas his nice ?? eu nid to have th feelin... i knoe i do ... but th problem... whenever i am with him.... my mind will think of th other him... i need time , time to forget him... i knoe i can do it... it all just take some time... i dunno wat i am thinkin... but just give miie some time... i knoe i can do it. if eu ♥ miie , thn trust , believe miie and give miiie some time ♥ kk??
nth else... so byebye =]


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