Monday, May 17, 2010

todae's activities ♥

hihi. todae got homeecon... got backk the paper... wat th... did so badly ... zzz... study still do so badly... dun study can do so well... dunno lahh... dun want get mad cas of my results... mmm... lifelit , got backk english paper 2 , i got 36 over 50 for comprehension ... nt bad.. and nt veri gd either... cant believe izac can get th highest for english .. hahax. pro. nw startin to play audi again... lvl up leh , nw onli lvl 7... haix... lousy lah miie. anyway yeahh , i prefer normal individual , freestyle battle or cc4 , i hate choreo. zzz... my most lousy dehh.. but lvl license is choreo... zzz... nw dens double , so must play more =] hahax. chinese play uno and stress ... fun. athena found out leh... dunno to feel happier or sad?? anyway , yeahh , mmm... i would realli appreciate it if ppl to stop spreading th rumors.... i dun want him to feel upset cas of all tis rumors , though , he nt in our school... still , he seem to knoe wats goin on in my life?? mmm... anyway , i knoe i feel happi around him, tats the most impt thing , isnt it? =] ♥ mmm... yeahh , so after school , dunno need stay backk for geog or nt... so i stayed backk anyway =] thn ate lunch. play this new game with th uno cards. also got play stress. hahax. sueann wants to beat miie in stress. actualli , i am nt a pro. just tat , its all my luckk... ♥
mmm... sueann and miie want to go watch shrek forever and after?? [ i think so , nt sure of the movie's name ] yeahh , so maybe is next next wednesdae - fridae . we want more ppl to join?? so those interested... tell miie at my taqq boxx?? =] thnx... anyway gender... [ but it depends , maybe , we nt confirmed... or we last minute cancel?? who knoes th future ] hahax. anyway , yeahh ... =] it might be the last outin with CSA lehh... so i realli want to go.. but i hope i wouldnt get grounded by my mum... cas i did realli badli for my exams tis round.. haix... nw i guess , i have realli became a professional slacker?? hahax. i need to buck up!!! zzzz.... I MUST BUCK UP! hopefulli , i wouldnt disappoint him the next round.... sryy... =[ pls forgive miie , i just cant stop myself from slackinn?? i am just to used to slackin... haix.... zzzzz.... anyway , yeahh , tats bout all =]
nth else lehh... gtg , byebye , see ya tmr in school. =]

a.q ♥

thnx for being there always for miie , nvr giving up on miie , showing miie tat there's still one to care for miie more thn anything else... i realli feel veri fortunate to have met eu... meet eu and being frens with eu is one of the things tat i would nvr regret doin... i realli hope our relationship can last long. as long as possible [ hopefulli ] thnx for being there for miie , hear miie cry my hearts out?? despite tat most of the stuff , eu heard can cause eu to feel heart broken, eu was still constantly there for miie. thnx for showing th things tat i nvr thought would be possible?? and showin miie tat nth in this world cant be done , just depends on whether eu are willing to spend time on it or nt . i realli appreciate it more thn anything else. =] hope we can last longer.

♥ 당신은 자기 사랑 ♥



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