Monday, November 22, 2010

I miss my Precious Childhood {♥}

hi hi. (: feeling really hyper today. :) ha ha~ anyway, sorry tat i didn't post for a long time... cas nth special happen and i'm really ADDICTED to manga reading this few days... so spend most of my time reading manga(s) instead... anyway, went to watch Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 with Pamela and Sheryl on last Friday :) DAMN NICE!!!~ I SAW DRACO!!! though he only show a bit in the movie :) i simply LOVE him! {♥} Anyway, I read at one of the magazines that Min Hui lend me... forget the name of the magazine leh, anyway, its seems like Draco was supposed to audition for Harry's role on the day of the audition, but the writer thinks he got more of the bad boy look and the current harry suits the harry role instead, thus he got the role of Draco!!! Ah , but anyway, i still like him even if he's acting the bad guy role :) anyway, the movie was nice but it really ended abruptly [ dunno how spell ] so yeah, cant wait to watch the second part!!!~ yeah, yesterday, went to Selena [ cousin from mum side ]'s house. she got A LOT of manga(s)... and storybook!!! so spend nearly whole day at her house. :) used to her computer to read some more manga online :) ha ha~ nth much lol. yeah, one more thing. Went for a health check-up today :) is once half a year deh. anyway, thats not impt, we thn went to sister's school [ my pri sch too ] to buy her school books, coincidently, i saw Terence. lol. one of my friends since primary one? cas we neighbor in the past, though we go different schools... yeah, apparently, they migrated to Paris, when we were primary 5, cas his dad got transferred to the branch over there... so he skipped his PSLE. lol. anyway, yeah, he got a sister , called Andrea, and she's going to study in my sister's school next year, primary 4 :) they moving back :) COOL! they went to our house, but we had a so - called talk at the mac donalds at our house downstairs... kind of awkward... ha ha. :) so long nvr talk leh !!! anyway, he didn't change much, still a joker. sigh. seeing him kind of make me miss childhood.... kk, dun go into much details on what we talk about, just glad to see him again {♥} though kind of awkward. :) Toodles~

a.q :D



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