Thursday, November 25, 2010

Reality is cruel~

hi hi. (: Today i woke up earlier than usual. :p When to had Macdonald breakfast with Jonathan , Terence and Daniel ( my cousin from mum side ) , ha ha. thn it was really gross when we start to mix the pepper , milk , salt and our leftover drinks... ha ha~ Gross... Plus, Daniel was force to drink it up when he lose the game, we were playing dominoes [ nine dots ] and he lost, his whole face turned a bit greenish, but we didn't force him to swallow all, just a bit and he can spit it out... and he vomited for a long time... ha ha~ So funny~ I LOVE pranks :p so evil~ anyway, tmr going to play badminton with a few friends :D Trying to improve my skills , or at least, improve my stamina ... Since i want to prove someone wrong, and that i can be better than them.
This world is ROUND,
You can be at the TOP of the world now,
But in an blink of an eye,
You can be at the BOTTOM of the world.
This is reality that I had finally learn to face after 14 yrs of my life~
What a cruel world we live in... full of selfish ppl and hypocrites that would do ANYTHING to get what they want...

a.q :D



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