Saturday, January 22, 2011

Officially the 2ND month (:

hey. Well, it's a long time since i last posted , or maybe just a week ? haha. anyway, mmm... nth much, but today is OFFICIALLY THE 2ND MONTH!!! l0ls. eh, didn't go out today, but maybe tmr will hangout WHILE helping her mum get really for her wedding , haha. so excited!!!! my dress coming on next sunday!!! Daddie's home next saturday!!! Everything seem so perfect!!! (:

kk, back to my school life, well, cant say i hate my new class, i mean, 3e2 is awesome, and yupp, got to admit , compared with last yr 3e2 is more awesome than 2e2!!! okays, i spent all my time last week, trying to catch up with the class on bio + chemistry, since i feel abit lag on not understanding wat the cher said during lesson time. i also spent time practicing my maths, still not so familiar with Standard forms, My E maths is like MUCH MUCH weaker than my A maths, so nid more practice, went ice-skating with SiYi , too long nvr skating, i cant do tat much spins anymore... keep falling down or get dizzy. stuppid, must train again == l0ls. haha. nvm. Valentines is on monday this year, he say maybe will come back, but i doubt it , haha. feel so bad. but nvm, if he doesnt come back, i'll just go ice-skate with frens instead bah (: [ tats after school , of course. (: ] cant wait for Chinese New Year, then can gather around with friends and family!!! and got red packets too!!! haha (: l0ls. nth much, think i'm going to continue studying, update more on twitter. So peeps tat have twitter, FOLLOW ME! (: my username is: ximperfect_aqx (: [ without the smiley face. tats extra added. ]



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