Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'm only give this ONE chance.

Hey! It's sunday! The last day of my March hols. sigh. Manage to finish my first draft for the english summary. Thn went to do the rock candy for Yvonne (: nth much really. (: Mummy confiscated my phone == but she's quite clever. she knows i nid the phone or she cant contact me. So she give me my sim card and a DAMN OLD phone == She say i'll have to use this phone till my dad comes home this may== fuck her. That's like 2 months??? Zzz... sigh. But a gd thing is. IF i do well for my mid yr exams. which means only As && Bs. and MAXIMUM 1 C for my english. thn i get to choose if i want get a iphone 4 or wait till iphone 5 is out and ask my dad buy one for me (: BTW, daddie's coming home PERMANENTLY!!! He got promoted && transferred back to SG's branch! AWESOME!!!! (: Even godma is taking a break from a trip!!!! AWESOME!!! (: haha. feel damn happy lol. but, once daddy is back, i'll have to go home myself leh == no more car... sigh. but tats fine with me. cas at least my dad is back (: hehe. so damn excited can?? I even know what i wanna do when my dad comes home. we'll go ikea tgt && redecorate my study room. nail up some of our picture frames. Go universal studio tgt. Go have SO much fun!!! haha. kk. enough with this future planning, in case ur get bored :P nth much happen over the hols lol. i know... my life is kind of boring. but what do eu expect from a 14++ old teenage girl ?? haha. thats what my fren said when her 20 yr old coz told her , her life is boring. maybe i shud learn?? I'm currently in the stage of planning a rebel to surprise my mum on mother's day. Afterall, she DESERVES A SHOCK OF HER LIFE. dun she? *grins* kk. thats all. gonna go pack my bag & get ready for sch tmr (: toodles~

P.S i'm rather successful in learning to forgive...
but still trying my best at the forgetting part :P



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