Monday, March 14, 2011

Super moon tonight!

Hey! Didnt post at all during this march hols. too lazy :P haha. got my report book last last friday (: Didnt do that well.
English - C5 ( expected )
Chinese - A1
Additional Mathematics - A1
Elementary Mathematics - A1
Chemistry - C5
Biology - C6
Humanities ( SS, Lit ) - A1.
L0ls. mummie didn't comment much on my results, just give me that " watch out " look. Daddy just ask me to work harder on my sciences and maintain the rest of my results (: Have been taking up chemistry tuition lately, kind of good? As in, i can actually understand what my tuition teacher is talking && i'm starting to get a hand of it?? So it's awesome (: nth much, had 2 sleepovers during the hols. awesome, fun, indescribable. (: Still haven't finish all my hwk though. Still left with hey maths && English summary. sigh. gonna start my English summary now. My rock candy's okay... not very successful though. but shud be able to at least get a pass? haha. gonna do my hwk now. toodles~



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