Sunday, March 21, 2010

try to kick miie out?? NOT SO EASY....

hiie. todae woke up veri earli cas got tuition later.kkayys maybe 8am is not realli earli anymore but... to miie , someone who slept at 2am last night. its quite earli... still rmb how i start off todae. i was like"arhhhh!!!" shoutin in my room when i saw how deep th dark eye bag i had. i look like a panda tat got into a VERI serious fight =.= l0ls =p hehex. l0ls. anyway, my mum still mad at miie for runinin her "beauty sleep" l0ls. =] anyway. had onli a egg for breakfast. when for tuition from 9-1.15pm.... tiring!!!! hahax. something funni happen in tuition with jonathan . l0ls. =p dun say later he angry ... =p l0ls. thn came home, had lunch. watch show. online. chat. do hwk. elearning science and maths =p l0ls. ermm.... homeecon too=] nth else leh. suppose to have trianning again todae dehh... but cas of some reasons which i will say later , tats why nth else leh i onli chat again. dinner. play fb. chat. play. do hwk. same old rountine. =[ borinnn.... sianxx.... tryin to finish my hwk!!! arhh... slacker lahh... =p l0ls.

OMG!!! my arm and shoulder is like SO SORE!!! =.= die leh lahhh.... must be cas yesterdae i over exert my muscles =.= cas i was tryin to broke my all-time record mahh... b4 th competition =.= haix... coach helen and jace were quite disappointed and angry when they heard i over exert force on my musclees.... and its soring now therefore i must skip trainning.... =[ most of all, jessica chua so wat lah! so wat if i over exert my muscles , so far i onli skip ONE training onli l0ls. hellooo..... without miie, how are ur goin to find a replacement for froggy style?? i am th best among the whole swimming team lol. want kick miie out of the group... not so easy!!! =.= l0ls. anyway... nth muchh... hope i recover soon... my whole left arm and shoulder sore like hell!!!! zzz.... lucky is left not right... or i cant even write or do my hwk... haixx.... gtg buaiis~! try finishin my hwk... =] WISH MIIE A SPEED RECOVERY !!!!!!!!!!! =] toodles~!

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