Friday, March 26, 2010

later got meet-the-parents session, so tis is a short post.

lols. yesterdae sports heat. this year i nvr participate, so i wanted to go and cheer for sueann... thn who knoes. started to rain.. haixx.... thn we w8ed and w8ed.... so miie and sheryl go backkk to school first. l0ls. we WALK to school.... raining with onli one umbrella. and we are sharing it . lols. thn sheryl and my shoes are all wet... haixx.... so wet.... my uniform wet too... so WET!!!! arhh.... zzzz.... l0ls. so i went to school continue my cca while sheryl went home. haixx.... all wet luckyy my cca at air-con room =p. l0ls. nth much. later goin for meet-th-parents session. talk about streamin etc. haixx.... meetin pam at foyer at 6++?!?! l0ls. =] hahax. Kk. mummie rushing, so i post more tmr bahh.... or maybe sundae. w8 maybe mondae. cas tmr sueann, sheryl and pamela comin my house for doin science project ( brochure / poster ) so maybe cant online. thn sundae got tuition, maybe i would have training too?!?! havent confirm yet. ask jessie tmr bah... buaiis~!

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