Saturday, March 20, 2010

such a bad weather todae yet i went for practice. would i fall sick tmr?? =]

hiie. todae went for swimming practice for my comin test and competition... yeahh... broke my all time record of 20 laps continousli within 25 imnutes =] well done!!! went to pasir ris downtown east. sister and mummie went in to wild wild wet cas sister got 2 free tickets but i cant make it cas got practice =p thh we went to cathay cinema =] watch alice in th wonderland, NOT 3D =] yeahh... finalli.... =.=" haixx. nicee. l0ls. =] came home bout 4++?? thn watch tv programmes. nth much. watch "suite life on deck" , " hannah montana " , " jonas "& " phineas and ferb " . l0ls. thn watch 小宝与康熙, currentli watchin 家门的荣光. veri funni =p hehex. l0ls. ermm.... nth much... sandric wrote this stori. quite nice.... =]

Book Summary - Project: "Some Story"
1 Vol. 1
Chapter 1 - The Life of a Fifth Grader
Wallace Gother (Wallace)
Denzel Linth (Denzel)
Marcel Glutten (Marcel)
Carissa Hilt (Carissa)

School's started - part I
Hi, I am Marcel and today is my 1st day as a fifth grader. My class was
exceptionally "well behaved", thus during our physical ed., a fight ensued. I tried to
stop the fight.
School's started - part II
They ignored me as I tried to persuade Denzel and Wallace to stop. I tried time and
again but to no avail. Therefore, I blew my top and shouted at them. The two boys
then started to glare at me and gave a punch on my face.
I was badly beaten up. Carissa came over immediately after she saw this incident.
She asked the boys, "what are you trying to do?" "It's none of your business! So get
lost!" answered Denzel. Carissa insisted an answer. The boys then threatened to beat
her up as well if she continued. Carissa said, "you even dare to beat a girl up? You
rascals!" The boys then moved away quietly.
Perhaps what?!
Carrisa helped me up and wanted to send me to the school's clinic. I was rather glad
that someone was there to help me. However...
Carrisa was a newbie at school. She transferred to this school as it was easier for her
to commute. So... She doesn't know where the school clinic was located.
I told her that I will be fine, going to the clinic alone. But she insisted that she
accompanies me and we ended up walking in circles as she looked for the clinic.
Chapter 2 - Home Alone
Marcel Glutten (Marcel)
Carissa Hilt (Carissa)

The moment at the school gate.
School has ended and I am now walking home. Both Denzel and Wallace apologised
to me. I wasn't mad at them and thus, we became friends.
Carrisa was standing at the school gate and it looks like she is waiting for someone.
As I walked towards the gate, she waved towards my direction and I was oblivious,
thinking she was waving to someone else.
As I walked past her, she came running and halted me. She ranted, "why did you
ignore me when I waved at you? Furthermore, you walked past me without saying hi
or bye! How rude of you." I was rather shocked and tried to explain myself. But it
turned out that she was just joking with me and so she asked about my injury and
requested to walk me home.
Home alone
We've reached the doorstep to my house. Carrisa didn't trust that I'll be alright by my
own and she followed me into my house. I felt awkward as I have never let any girl
enter my house. Moreover, my parents are at work thus I am alone in the house.
There has been a saying that it is no good that a boy and a girl should be in the house
when they're alone. I was worried what would happen if my parent found out that I
let a girl into the house.
Carrisa said she'll cook lunch and told me to wash up. I was very cautious. A little
too cautious till I tripped on the stairs and a loud thud was produced. Carrisa rushed
out from the kitchen and asked what happened. I replied, "nothing! I was just being
careless." She then went back to her cooking.

Something's not right
Lunch was served as Carrisa finished cooking. It was delicious as I gobbled down
the food. However, Carrisa didn't eat at all. I told her to have some food but she was
staring into blank space. I wonder what was she thinking.
I waved at her for a few seconds and she was startled. After that, she asked me, "was
the food nice? Do you want to have seconds?"
I was rather confused for what she was trying to do.
It was already evening when she left and I am still thinking "what's with her?"

thn the stori stop here leh l0l. =] if got any suggestions to continue to th stori pls state them in th taqq box =] thnx =] .... nth much lehh... so let's stop here =] buaiis~! post more tmrr =]



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